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Author: Wensley Garbell
Resume: I'm trying to make my own way in the world 🌎


runtime=135 min

Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters - four young women each determined to live life on her own terms

stars=Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen

Directed by=Greta Gerwig

Release Year=2019


I just sat with my mom in a theater full of women and we all smiled, laughed, and boo-hooed through the whole movie. They take the classic story and tell it in a new and unexpected (and delightful) way. This captured what so many versions fail to capture which is the CHARM of the March sisters and Marmee and Laurie and Mr. Lawrence and all the characters we know and love! When I saw the trailer I wasn't sure it would really capture it, and I wasn't immediately thrilled by the choices of cast, but the movie was a joy to sit through and the cast was perfect!
READ THE BOOK (I must insist) and then go check out this movie with your best pals.

I went to see the film with castmates from a production of Little Women we closed prior to the release, and your one beauty was said by every single one of us in unison. Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet in a movie always get me all a gassed up. Amy is really funny in the first half of this video, not that it excuses the second half, which was unforgivable. Almost. I still can't understand why she didn't choose him. She went over there and married a dude who can be her father. I love all your stories and my favorite in youtube is english fairy tales☺🌷.

The original friend zoned. The 1949 is my absolute favorite, Liz Taylor and June Allyson, they were wonderful. Margaret OBrien as well, such a great movie. This seems like they just want to overdo it and its mediocre. I'm so excited. P.S. even the cinematography is so stunningly beautiful, strongly recommend to watch at a big-screen theater before it's too late. I feel like Amy is a Libra, Jo is a Sagittarius, Beth is a Pisces and meg is a cancer.

They call him Timmy but I think Timothee is more classy and as an artistic name. Emma should have have been here considering shes one of the March girls I get it if she doesnt want to take all the attention away from them and her role is small too but its still weird not having her do any press Im surprised the studio didnt say anything considering most views would have been for her and shes the bigger star amongst the other 3. Omg I loved this whole scene in the movie. It really felt so real and the way they played it was perfect. Florence's voice sounds like she smoked too many cigarettes but if that somehow made your voice soothing instead of grating. I love her.

تعليق رابع. Worst scene. Timmy is so quiet. I was baited into clicking for a Shrek impression and was handed a Ginger Bread Man impression. yet surprisingly it was not disappointing. Could you please upload the unbuttoned scene. Didnt Elena say she was upset about Briana telling the girls she was married during her bachelorette party? And how she didnt want to ruin hers ? But announced she was pregnant with twins at Brianas bachelorette in Mexico? 🤦‍♀️. It sucks so hard when your friend is with a jacka. The way she think makes her even more attractive.

I'm gonna be the nerdy lady that watches Little Women 20 times. How did you know Greta. That shot of her and Mickey Rooney in the car really shows how beautiful she was. She almost looks like Marilyn Monroe. Who thinks Timmys bowl cut was just hot and he should be proud of it. Yo Jim! This whole interview is sooo weird. She's not there for you to talk about her dude or her child. Focus on her bro. That's because i'm rich favourite quote now lol. Soooooo good 😘😍😍🥰🤣😂😂😎. I wished she asked him to stay. The title does not fit this clip AT ALL. I found out confusing and distorting. Other than that everything was great.

I'm not a poet. I'm just a woman. Really got me.




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